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posted:4th November 2017
TellyMate Shields return to stock

Following a flurry of stencilling, soldering, programming and testing, the TellyMate Shields are back in stock.

posted:9th October 2017
Heavy TellyMate Demand!

OK. You've wiped out our TellyMate Shield stock!

More PCBs and components are on their way. We should have stock again in a few weeks.

posted:11th July 2017
New TellyMate Shields now in stock

TellyMate Shields are back in stock - with a new board-spin, and now feature the ATMega328 chip.

This gives you all the character-based TV output that you had with the earlier boards, but you also get 64 SRAM user-defined characters to play with, and up to 11 fontbanks in Flash!

posted:20th March 2017
TellyMate Tinys now in stock

The TellyMate Tiny is back in stock - now using the ATMega328 chip, meaning there's 11 fontbanks and 64 user-defined characters to play with!

posted:16th March 2017
Good News, Bad News, Good News...

Good News  :o) We've now got plenty of the USB XMega PDI boards in stock

Bad News  :o( We've had to raise our prices slightly (component pricing is based on the US$)

Good News  :o) More TellyMate Tinys are nearly here... We're just waiting on the cables...

Even more Good News  :o) From now on, TellyMate Tiny's will use the 328 chip - giving 11 fontbanks and 64 user-definable characters \o/