TellyMate Tiny TTL

A Tiny 5v TTL Serial to TV adapter

A simple 'TV Out' module
  • PAL or NTSC Composite Video
  • 38x25 characters
  • 5v TTL Serial input/output
  • Black and White
  • 300 to 57k6 baud (8n1)
  • Optional Autobauding
  • VT52 + H19 control codes
  • Just 19mm x 21mm
  • Price: £14.00 

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This is our smallest incarnation of the TellyMate circuit. It takes 5v TTL serial data and displays it on your TV. It uses the same family of chip as the TellyMate Shield and runs the same firmware.

Solder your chosen header pins on, connect the (supplied) lead to your TV, give the board power and a serial line, and away you go!


In order to reduce the size of this board, the jumpered pins of the other variants have been replaced with solder-jumpers.

The baud-rate jumpers J1, J2 and J3 are supplied 'shorted', giving 57k6 as the default baud rate. All the other jumpers are open. See the user guide for more details.
Note that this means that NTSC is the default output format. PAL users will either need to short J6 or send the command <ESC>x= to output PAL.


Not Included

You will need to supply the following:

Note: This adapter does not include circuitry to translate RS232 signal levels. If you need RS232 to TTL conversion, many adapters are available (try searching SparkFun or eBay for 'RS232 TTL').


Parts with a TTT001 prefix:

Part# Description price
TTT001WW TellyMate Tiny £14.00