TellyMate - User Guide - FAQs


My Arduino shows junk characters on the screen whilst I'm uploading a sketch - is that normal?

Yes, it's normal - the TellyMate Shield is just displaying the communication from the Arduino back to the PC. The text will only appear whilst uploading your sketch, and will not harm anything.


How do I know which firmware my TellyMate Shield has?

Use <ESC>Q to display Diagnostic information. This will include the version of the firmware.


How do I update the firmware?

This will depend on which sort of TellyMate you have.

TellyMate Shields with professional PCBs have holes for a standard Atmel 6-pin ISP header. This can be used (with the Shield removed from the Arduino) to reprogram the firmware.

TellyMates without an ISP header will need the chip removing for reprogramming.

Suitable .hex files can be found in the "Files" section of the TellyMate page or the downloads page.


Do I need to remove the TellyMate Shield to upload a sketch to the Arduino?

No. However, if you are using the TellyMate's 'send character' capability, we suggest that you use the transmit-enable sample code shown in the 'Retrieving data from the TellyMate' section, above. Failure to do so may result in upload verification failures, because the TellyMate shield may see a transmit-enable sequence during the verification step, and so take control of the Arduino's RX line.


What is a 'transmit capable' TellyMate Shield?

TellyMate Shields sold from 9th June 2009 onwards are 'transmit capable'.

'Transmit Capable' TellyMates are schematically identical to their earlier siblings except that they have a trace connecting the TX pin of their Mega8 (pin 3) to the Arduino D0 pin.

Firmware 1.0.9 onwards can use this transmit capability.


I've lost the cable that came with my TellyMate Shield! What can I use?

A standard stereo audio cable, 3.5mm jack to twin phono can be used. The left audio channel will carry the video signal (usually white or black phono/RCA plug).